What are the symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency?

I turned out to have a huge Vitamin D deficiency, but I’m not the only one

A while ago I went to the doctor because I felt tired. Not just a little tired, but very tired. So tired that you even dread doing fun things, such as shopping, dining out with your partner or friends or a round of sports. My doctor advised me to have a urine and blood test. Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of getting medical tests done, but I’m glad I did. I was shocked because I turned out to have a huge Vitamin D deficiency! I feel relieved to know what was going on and thankfully feel much better again. Do you also recognize (some of) the symptoms below in yourself? Maybe you have it too!


Note: Hi, my name is Muriel and I enjoyed writing this article. Because I am Dutch, my English may not be optimal, but I do my best. Sorry for that. But I hope this blog article still inspires and informs you.


Symptoms That May Indicate a Vitamin D Deficiency

Common complaints of a vitamin D deficiency are:

  • Tiredness, listlessness and a feeling of physical weakness
  • Painful and sensitive muscles and joints (sometimes also muscle cramps or the annoying shaking of your muscles)
  • Sweating while sleeping
  • Hyperventilation, for example when you are stressed
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure or worse cardiovascular disease
  • Headache or Migraine
  • Gums that are sensitive or bleed a lot
  • And finally, a Vitamin D deficiency can unfortunately also be a co-causative agent of cancer.


How do you get a Vitamin D deficiency?

One of the main causes is: the sun! Or rather, a lack of sunlight. Because sunlight ensures that Vitamin D is produced in your body. In many countries, the sun often provides too little sunlight in autumn, winter and spring, so that you quickly run into a shortage. Certain diseases can also cause a Vitamin D deficiency, for example if you have intestinal problems or take certain medicines. I even notice – now that I have tackled my Vitamin D deficiency – that I have fewer intestinal complaints with my lactose intolerance. How bizarre is that!


What can you do to remedy the Vitamin D deficiency?

So is sun the only way to make vitamin D? No, you also get Vitamin D with fatty fish (such as salmon, eel and mackerel). Or by eating eggs and milk products and products to which Vitamin D has been added. But unfortunately, those amounts are usually not enough to make up for your deficiencies. So often you will have to switch to Vitamin D supplements.


5 Good Vitamin D Supplements That Are Popular!

Which Vitamin D supplements are often bought and are of good quality? Sometimes it can be quite a bit of work to figure that out. But I already did that for you! That is why you will find below 5 good Vitamin D supplements that boost your health:


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Bonus tip:

If you suspect you have a Vitamin D deficiency, see your doctor. It is a shame and there is no need to walk around with this any longer.


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