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Yes, I get paid (regularly) for it

I do not hide the fact that I am paid for certain articles. Or that I have advertisements on my blog for which I receive a compensation. I’m glad I can because I’m a full-time blogger. And luckily, blogging is a real profession these days, where you can earn money. I write my blog posts with a lot of love and time and care and luckily there is an income in return.


Reviews of products received or paid for yourself

My heart lies in sharing as many tips as possible to women about body, mind, beauty, weight loss, ailments and lifestyle. The reviews on my blog are about products or services that I bought myself or received for free. So I was not paid for this. If that is the case, there is a sentence at the bottom of the blog post like – this is a paid blog post-. I write about products and services that I support 100% and give my own opinion about them.


I earn from sponsored blog posts

When a company pays me for an article, the words like – this is a paid blog post – appear at the bottom of the blog post. With a sponsored blog post, the client sets a number of requirements. This may be, for example, that certain links have to be added to the article or that there is a giveaway associated with it. But here too I use 3 golden rules: I write the articles myself, I give 100% of my own opinion and I stand behind the product or service I write about.


I get a small commission on affiliate links to webshops

Every little bit helps and that is why you will find affiliate links to webshops in a number of articles. Clicking on this link will take you to the relevant website via a special link. Nothing changes for you: you don’t suddenly pay more for a product! But if you buy the product via this special link, I may receive a small compensation of, for example, 10% on the product. I do this because I support these webshops and want to make it easy for you and to earn my sandwich to keep writing. So if you want to help me, make your purchase via these links!


Oh yes, a few more rights and obligations:

1) My own opinion

I always write from my own thoughts and own opinion. A guest blogger who writes an article for Veertigplus mus (Forty Plus Sparrow) also writes from his or her own point of view. That is the strength of my blog.


2) Errors in the text

I try very carefully to share the information that is accurate and up-to-date. But please do not blindly assume the correctness of the information. Therefore, reading the articles and using the products or services described is entirely at your own risk. No rights can therefore be derived from the products and/or services mentioned on www.veertigplusmus.nl or the Social Media posts. This also applies to any typing errors in the articles.


3) Veertigplus mus (Forty Plus Sparrow) and I are not liable

As I wrote above, reading the articles and using the products or services described in the blogs is entirely at your own risk. Veertigplus mus (Forty Plus Sparrow) and I are not liable for loss of income or for direct, indirect or consequential damage of any kind.


4) Copyright

Are you enthusiastic about (part of) an article and do you want to use it for your own article? Very nice! Then I would love it if you link to my blog as source. Most of the images you’ll find on my blog are primarily from Pixabay, Canva and myself. You can use them, but I would also love it if you link to my blog. If you have the idea that I have used texts, logos or images in my blog article that are owned by you or your company? Or have I made a wrong entry here? Let me know by sending an e-mail to muriel@veertigplusmus.nl. Then I will adjust it as soon as possible!


5) Be polite in your comments, I do that too

You may post comments on the articles I write or on the Facebook page or other social media pages of Veertigplus mus (Forty Plus Sparrow). Very nice indeed! But here too it applies that I and Veertigplus mus (Forty Plus Sparrow) are not responsible for what you write and the consequences that this may entail. I therefore see responses as non-confidential and free of property rights. But I am strict about the following: I do not accept comments on the website and social media channels of Veertigplus mus (Forty Plus Sparrow) that are unlawful, threatening, defamatory, lewd, offensive, inflammatory, pornographic or profane. I will immediately delete these comments without giving reasons. I also reserve the right that I can refuse that you can give comments on the website or social media channels of Veertigplus mus (Forty Plus Sparrow) in the future.


By using this blog you accept this disclaimer and any interim changes to this disclaimer.