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My name is Muriel (1976), founder of Veertigplus mus (Forty Plus Sparrow) and after a search I finally do where my heart lies: blogging full-time about being healthy and being happy to inspire other women. It gives me a warm feeling that thousands of women visit Veertigplus mus (Forty Plus Sparrow) every month. Being healthy and happy is much more fun to achieve together than on your own.


The year 2016 was my eye-opener: my body was URGENT for a healthier life!

Until the year 2016, I never took it so seriously with healthy living. As a real foodlover and chocoholic I ate quite a lot of unhealthy food. Of course I had heard of a healthy lifestyle, but I didn’t really think it was necessary. Until the summer of 2016, when I was on the toilet almost daily with diarrhea and stomach complaints during a holiday. I was so fed up!

From that moment on I started living completely differently. Much more aware. And healthier! I am happy to share the knowledge to live a conscious and healthy life with you. I have absorbed a lot of information to enrich my knowledge about being happy and healthy. I started writing about it on Veertigplus mus (Forty Plus Sparrow).

Regret not having this eye-opener sooner? Not at all, life comes as it comes. But I really hope that you do it differently than I do and that you listen to your body much faster and deal with it in a healthier way.



Over veertigplus mus


It’s quite scary to ignore your fear of failure to follow your dream

My dream to inspire other women to live healthy and happy was born. I remember it well: on a rainy evening in October 2019, I pressed the order button on the website of a hosting company to buy my new domain name, veertigplusmus.nl.

But, my fear of failure was lurking. Would it work? Can I really make this my job? What if it fails? Fortunately, my urge to put on Veertigplus mus (Forty Plus Sparrow) was so huge that I just couldn’t do anything else. So, pressing the order button I felt a huge boost of energy going through my body.

After that it went like a fast train and now tens of thousands of women each month manage to find my website and Social Media channels of Veertigplus mus (Forty Plus Sparrow). A dream came true.


The name ‘Veertigplus mus’ (Forty Plus Sparrow) originated as a wink: I am already over forty and regularly call myself a ‘forty plus sparrow’.


What is Veertigplus mus actually for a website?

If you read the many marketing books and personal growth books on it, you often read: you have to have a clear goal in life (and/or in your company) and you must fully focus on it. So, in 2019 I started my blog only for 40+ women with tips to be healthy and happy, because I am over forty myself. I thought it was a good idea, because I was focusing well.

Wrong! My blog grew nicely, but a year later I ran into the following: what if my blog articles and Social Media posts are also interesting for women younger than 40 years old? Why do I limit myself so much and why do I want to do everything according to the rules? Think outside the box, Muriel!

And so it happened: in January 2021 I released all the brakes and put aside any hindering thoughts and I just started writing for every woman, young and old.


So, dear you…

Feel welcome at veertigplusmus.nl. It’s full of information about losing weight, women’s ailments, nutrition, food allergies, beauty & body, mind, lifestyle, recipes, entrepreneurship and more.

Take a look around in the blog articles! Then from now on we will achieve together to be healthy and happy. Much more fun than on your own.

Do you want to ask me a question? Feel free to send an email to muriel@veertigplusmus.nl.


Lots of love!