10 tips and tricks to lose 10 pounds easily and quickly!

Losing 10 pounds fast and easy is really possible!

Do you want to lose 10 pounds as quickly and easily as possible? Very recognizable, because I had that goal too. And I succeeded! So if I can do it, why can’t you? To be honest, I actually really liked it! In the beginning, I thought I would never succeed, but with a different mindset, a large dose of positivity and just persevering I am now 10 pounds lighter. I would like to share my tips and tricks with you below.


Note: Hi, my name is Muriel and I enjoyed writing this article. Because I am Dutch, my English may not be optimal, but I do my best. Sorry for that. But I hope this blog article still inspires and informs you.


10 tips and tricks to easily and quickly lose 10 pounds within 2 months


#1. Think healthy

First of all, I started to ’think differently’. I started to think differently about food, about my body and about healthy living. How I keep this up I do as follows. With every bite I take I think: “Do I really need this bite of food or not?” That has made me eat less and eat healthier.

Especially with bad things like chocolate, junk food, cakes and cookies I almost get ashamed of my lips when I think I need this bite or not? NO, of course I don’t need that bite with wrong ingredients! It just makes me fatter and makes my body unhealthier! And by thinking that way, I’ve been creating this mind for the past few weeks during my goal to lose 10 pounds quickly and easily.

It may take you some time to get used to it at first, but after that it almost comes naturally and it even makes you feel proud if you don’t put all those wrong ingredients in your mouth. Give it a try, I did it too!


#2. Go read labels

A very important trick: read labels of all the foods you consume. Take a look at the number of carbohydrates, fats, sugars and proteins on the labels. Then also read what ‘junk’ is in the product. You often come across complicated names of ingredients and if you look up what it is in Google, you are often shocked!

By gaining more insight into ingredients, additives and E numbers, you learn to see that fresh products are much healthier. I really started looking at products in the supermarket with completely different eyes.

Even now I am shocked by the large amount of unhealthy products that are in the supermarkets and that you have to struggle through every time shopping. It already starts when you take the first steps in the supermarket. And if you have managed to put only healthy products in your basket, you will be tempted even at the checkout to throw in the wrong products in your basket, such as packages of cookies that are on sale, discounted chocolate and cheap seasonal products where they have to get rid of, such as a 50% discount on Easter eggs, Christmas wreaths and gingerbread cookies. My advice: DON’T! DON’T BE SEDUCED!


#3. Keep your goal in mind

Losing 10 pounds fast and easy is in my opinion very possible. During the weeks that I worked on it, I really kept that goal in mind. I made it a kind of challenge for myself. In the beginning it is quite difficult and you think I will never succeed. But especially if you’re doing it for one or two weeks and you start to notice that your clothes are getting a little looser, you get more enthusiastic and you want to CONTINUE!

So keep your goal of 10 pounds in mind, especially if things are going well, but also if you have a moment of weakness and you tend to eat a bar of chocolate. Then also think about trick 1 and trick 2 that are above 😊.


#4. Reward yourself!

Reward yourself when you reach a milestone. For example, if you are halfway through your 10 pounds and you have already lost 5 pounds. Then reward yourself with something nice. Not with food, but with something else, for example a day in the sauna or buying nice pants or skirts that you have wanted to buy for a long time. You may even be able to buy a size smaller now!

Also reward yourself with kind words, like I did well or I am beautiful the way I am and I am well on the way to losing 10 pounds. A positive mind is so important.


#5. Don’t step on the scale every day

A mistake I made in the beginning is that I was on the scale almost daily in my challenge to lose 10 pounds. DO NOT! Your weight can fluctuate. That may have to do with your hormones, with the fact that you are in the menopause, with growing muscles and with a different metabolism.

For example, if you have your period, most women are slightly heavier. But even if you have decided to exercise more, the weight of your trained muscles can cause you to be slightly heavier. It is often temporary that you are heavier, but if you step on the scale just at that moment, you become frustrated and disappointed.

It is better that you step on the scale once a week, preferably on Wednesday morning just after getting up and after you peed and pooped and before you take breakfast. Then you are the ‘emptiest’ and that is the best time to weigh yourself, I think.


#6. Do more exercises

It is logical and true: if you want to lose weight easily and quickly, you will have to do more exercises. That starts with taking the stairs instead of the elevator. But that alone won’t get you there. I started to increase my amount of exercise to running 3 times a week. And I have set the goal that I run at least 5 kilometers and preferably 10 kilometers at a time. I bought a treadmill and I have to tell you: a great investment!


#7. Not gradually, but rigorously losing weight

Opinions differ on this, but I’ll tell you how I started losing 10 pounds: I took it rigorously overnight. That works best for me than gradually starting to lose weight.

So from one day to the next I stopped eating bad sugars, eating bad fats, eating wrong carbohydrates, drinking alcohol (not that I did that much, but still 2-4 glasses during the week) and I started eating healthy with as many fresh products as possible and started exercising 3x a week instead of 1x a week.

But again, do it the way it works best for you. Would you rather start losing weight gradually or do you take it rigorously, like I do? Everything is fine as long as you work towards your goal of losing 10 pounds.


#8. Track your calories in an app

In the beginning it helped me a lot to keep track of the calories in an app. I am enthusiastic about the Virtuagym Food app myself. In this app you can easily add products that you eat every day and then the app calculates how many calories, fats, carbohydrates and proteins you eat per day.

That sure is SCARING at first! Because, only then you can see how many calories you have consumed daily! It is also very useful that you can enter your target weight in this app and then you can see how many calories you can eat per day. You don’t have to stick to it 100%, but it is useful.


#9. Eat less and eat healthy

I always thought about eating less and healthier: yes yes, of course, I eat quite healthy and I don’t eat super much. WRONG! I ate a lot for my height and weight and I ate unhealthy, because I gradually gained weight every month. So who was I kidding? MYSELF!

While losing weight, I really noticed that it does matter whether or not you eat healthier and whether or not you eat much. It’s just very logical. So, when you start losing weight, start eating less and let your common sense do the work and eat healthier. In the end, almost everyone can realize that cakes, bonbons, cookies, chips, junk food and wrong snacks are much unhealthier than an apple, some carrots, a handful of unsalted and unroasted nuts, a bowl of yogurt and a glass of water.


#10. Think positively about yourself!

This last tip is actually, I think, the most important from this list of 10 tips: think positively about yourself. If you think you’re overweight, if you think you’re ugly, if you think you’re stupid, if you think you’re worth nothing, then it’s more likely that losing weight quickly and easily will be more difficult.

A positive self-image makes it easier for you to give and receive a compliment. A positive mind will keep you motivated and a small setback in weight loss will encourage you to keep going because you know you can do it. Being enthusiastic about yourself also makes you think you are already beautiful, but that you become even more beautiful by losing 10 pounds.

It is sometimes difficult to think of yourself that way – I know, been there, done that – but in the end it helps you the best. Your mind sometimes does what it wants, it seems. But nine times out of ten it is possible to create a positive mind.

There are good therapies and Mindfulness can also help you. A positive mind together with your goal to lose weight are, in my opinion, a golden combination to feel good again and live a healthier life. And with the main goal in mind: lose 10 pounds easily and quickly within 2 months!


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